Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here comes Soctober!

My Soctober - (September/October) is going to be ridiculously busy.... it pretty much doesn't stop until November. LUCKILY my morning sickness (yes those who have been living under a rock I am 14 weeks preganant and now officially 'out of the closet' about it rather than suffering in silence) has pretty much gone and I am back to feeling human again and therefore am taking on bookings again until the end of November....okay maybe early December....depending on how desperate people are. :) I figure after that it is getting too hot for an obviously pregnant woman to run around gardens etc chasing kidlets with extremely heavy camera gear hanging off her. And I won't be taking on any more bookings until at least 12 weeks after Waldron 2.0 arrives. Which should be May/Junish when its cooling down again.

I have had some fantastic photo shoots over the past few weeks. A great wedding here in Emerald and some lovely families and kiddies to have met again.

The lovely Mr and Mrs Gregg

Yes - I stole our family fishing spot and turned it into an awesome photography location!
PS Nathan fell into the Nogoa river to the left of the tree one day whilsts scooping guppies. Just thought you may like to know that for humourness purposes.

The beautiful bride
This photo was taken on the steps of the lovely church in one of the beautiful Emerald private gardens I can sometimes get access to....who said neighbourhood stalking doesn't pay off? (KIDDING!)

Another photo taken on the same weekend in the same beautiful garden of the stunning Miss A. I could seriously post about 25 photos of her and her sister they are both soooooo divine. I've added them to my 'modelling' list for future reference!

Oh me oh my how cute is this little precious gem!? I must say Connor was RATHER smitten with Miss M - and who could blame him? Check out those eyes!

Much much excited about the Photo5 competition which I have successfully registered for again this year! Woot! And since I havn't earnt over 35 grand as a professional photographer apparently the terms and conditions say I can still enter! Yay for  me! Although the laying awake at night thing thinking about how to approach the themes is going to drive me nuts it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun.

On another exciting note Nathan and I are in the process of house hunting and  hopefully next year will result me me being able to open up a small studio for newborn and small portrait type sessions. NOT that I am a HUGE fan of indoor portrait photography - but I figure its better than me having to lug all of the equipment around the traps and setting up at peoples houses for newborn shoots etc. Will be much easier having people just walk in and out. And it will enable me to take on more bookings easily at home with the will then be TWO cherubs getting around the joint.

Thats it from me! May not get back to posting for at least a month....  off to Longreach this weekend....the fun never ends!