Thursday, June 17, 2010

And just when I thought I was catching up on things.....

Have been away in Mackay last weekend, followed by looking after a sick little boy....I will never look at nappy changes the same way again! EWE! Anyway...about to get really really busy for a few weeks with photo shoots and weddings are booking up fast for that busy SPRING time of year.

I have decided to maintain my membership of the local photographic club- but I am pretty much taking on a silent member mode. I like it for networking but am no longer submitting entries - I have decided I pretty much could pick out what the judges were going to like or not like about my photos before I even submitted them so I wasn't really learning anything new from them. I also got a bit over the whole 'personal opinion' thing that you have to take into consideration with judging. I keep telling members that when you receive critique it's just one person's opiniona clear example being when I saw a photograph that received a high placing in a recent show that was given a harsh critique during a recent judging session. What one person likes - one person won't.

I am in the business of creating images that make people happy - so much that they want to buy them - and put them on their wall. Some of my clients have told  me that they cried when they watched their DVD - I told them that means I've done my job.

I have decided that my client's opinions are what matters most to me.

Recent photos? I ended up getting out to do some photos of the lovely Miss E at the railway and at the sunflower field out of town a weekend or so ago. My absoloute favourite is at the top of the page. Doesn't she just glow in this photo?

I also got to take a few photos when in Mackay - including the adorable new Harris puppy Toby. How cute is he? You would not believe how naughty and frisky he was when Lauren and I tried to get these photos.

I also got a very random shot on the highway near Dysart of a wedge tailed eagle taking flight. It had flown up from the road where it was eating a dead something or other - and we squealed over to the side of the road, I had to rustle in the back for the camera - change battery - attach the 70-200 L series - turn on - cross the road and find the thing which was hiding up in a tree. Note* There is NOTHING fast about a DSLR in a bag without a lens attached!* These birds - whilst also very big and majestic in flight are quite hideous and borringly ugly when sitting on a branch. I had to make some noises to get him to fly off to get a shot that was worth taking. I love him leaping off the branch like this - just wish the background wasn't so distracting...but still...a good find and well spotted by my ' roadie' my husband!

Off to Springsure on the weekend for a christening and birthday party - and then the following week the much anticipated AnK shoot which I am just busting trying to wait for. I have so many ideas and cute little props to use! Including  a beautiful paper crane mobile!

Oh and I just consumed a whole bag of microwave popcorn! As Connor would say..."All gone." *Upturns hands*