Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things are winding up again!

After having a couple of weeks respite things are winding back up again! Havn't been feeling too well but am feeling much more like myself again lately and excited to be taking lots of gorgeous family photos and looking forward to the next couple of weddings within the month. Despite how much of a HUGE work load they are - its always nice for something different! :) Emerald wedding this weekend (I am taking my prodigy Sonya along with me) and then dragging the Harris family to Longreach with Connor and I at the start of the school holidays for another one! Yay! Can't wait to get back to the Station Store and catch up with the Kinnons again. What beautiful people and what a lovely place to take photos at! Also going to stay an extra day and have a bit more of a personal look around with the kids. Let Uncle Matt explore his inner cowboy,,,hehehehehehe.

This weekend gone had the pleasure of meeting two beautiful families with fantasticly adorable are a couple of my favourites from their shoots.

Cute Little Master T and Master H! Cheeky little guys!

I also had the un-pleasurable eperience a week back of having to format my lap top and start over again. Thank goodness I've learnt about backing up my stuff long ago! Phew! But you should see how fast its going again! Back to its awesome self...things were getting awfully slow around here!

Adding to the pettiskirt collection from AnkBowtique again. If I know there are going to be little girls in photo shoots I pretty much throw them all in the car just in case (the skirts not the girls).....  Connor calls them the 'pretties'...awwwww cute.

That's it for the moment! Next time I post there will be lots more photos and experiences to discuss!

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