Sunday, January 16, 2011

And then there were two!

No - not talking about the upcoming March arrival. Talking about my professions! Officially gone now from three to two! (having done my last day of teaching) and making no plans to return in the forseeable future...I can now very happily say housewife/mummy & photographer are the only two things I am responsible for...and will be on maternity leave from photography for at least 6 months starting in a few days.

My last post was cut VERY short by my VERY cranky, child - who has not coped at all with the house move and seemed for a lil bit to turn into some sort of posessed demon. Not nice at all! The stress of the move finally caught up to him and he is only JUST starting to settle back into his normal self - however we are still having quite a few bouts of tants through the day - just not as bad as 8 or 9 a day requiring time out in bed as we have been! :S Dear dear!

Looking positively toward the future though - I can now visualise the  new studio - it will be GREAT once I have some time to get in and start doing stuff - (oh yeah thats right I'm having another baby what time is that again?)  - and we don't have electricty yet for air con but we will get there! And I am definately taking a turn more toward the child portrait business. Whilst I don't mind family/wedding/event photography..... I LOVE LOVE LOVE child portraiture. And its where my best work is.....being honest. So I hope that eventually I will be able to just direct my photography efforts in this direction!

I have also managed to start finally drawing a WAGE (TADA!) and have paid back all of my business debts including the purchase of all of my gear.... : ) which means my business plan is on track and even a little bit ahead of itself! However no doubt will be getting back into a little bit of debt when I go and re-design my 'logo' and business name and all of the re-registering business etc..... fun....

I am now going to endeavour to share a few of my favourite images from the past three months and explain a little about why I like them so much and some info about the circumstances in which they were taken.....if Connor gives me ten minutes peace that is : )

A teeny tiny collage of the beautiful princess Charlotte who I had the extreme pleasure of photographing on her first birthday .... I seriously need to hire this mum to decorate Connor's next birthday party! What a princess! (Mum and daughter!)

 This is the photo that started the infactuation Connor has with frogs.. : ) And was taken before he had the horrid haircut that left him without most of his gorgeous blonde locks. I got this one on the verandah at our old house - got him to sit down at his little table and asked him to lay down and look at froggy. I love this photo. Its very special to me. I love having my own personal model child ... hehehehe. *love*

This was actually taken mid June but I thought it deserved a mention. The lovely bro and sis combination of Master J and Miss T.... as my husband puts it - that looks like a jeans ad.... lol ... it was actually a break between pouring rain in the ally behind the Cri in Rockhampton.....there were a few hairy omg the camera is too wet moments on my behalf and feverish wiping ...  but it all worked out positively in the end!! Thank goodness!!! :S

This one could possibly be one of my MOST favourite shots of my photography career so far. It is of Connor and Ayla out on a farm near Comet.... in the middle of a cow paddock.... right on sunset... we were driven there kindly by Debbie Cominskey who was ridiculously helpful during our visit. And she showed us this special spot. There is a little bit of magic in the air...... I will keep it a secret that they were arguing over poses.... Connor kept putting his fingers in his mouth and Ayla kept telling him to get them out..... feel the love!

This photograph is of the lovely Miss B.... totally stunning beautiful child. And was taken at a beautiful private garden that I managed to acquire the use of for a few shoots during the last part of the year.... no I am not telling you where it is.... it's ALL MINE. :P This photo came from the Down Under Boots photo shoot...all of the children in his family are ridiculously good looking and photograph VERY well.... one of my ongoing model listings from the Ank photo shoot we had in June.

These two lovely girls were a lovely bonus to find after their mum booked in for a family shoot toward the end of the year.... are now both permanently on my model list. They know how to work the camera together very very very very well. This was another shot from the Down Under Boots shoot complete with AnkBowtique acessories. *love*

The extremely beautiful Miss T - (sister of the above Miss B) - remember the photogenic family? This one was taken out at the beach *cough cough fairbairn dam*... I really like her edgy grungy look and the colour of this photograph.

I have had quite a few journeys photographically over the last few months but everything is finally winding down and my print orders from the Dysart Formal seem to  be finishing up.... so hopefully that means its all over for abotu 6 months for me! 

Have already started to organise my new logo/business name, a 2011 Winter AnkBowtique PhotoShoot as well as some promo with Dominos for re-opening....hopefully when I'm out of zombie land and back into the swing of things.... business will kick of just as well as it finished in 2010.

Thank you to all of the beautiful families and children I have photographed last year. You have made my first official year of business a HUGE success.... until June.... keep on the look out for more family photos of the loves of my life.... !!!!!!!! Including Connor's little sister! My dream of my own personal model 'stable' has come true! He he he he he he he...

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