Sunday, May 30, 2010

My favourite model

I didn't have anything on this weekend, and Nathan was off shift thanks to the new job at BMA (Yay!) - so we  took the opportunity to get out and about with Connor and my camera. I can't believe he is 2 in a week! Where did that time go? Anyone?

Anyway I knew the bottom weir was lovely but I never realised how much so until yesterday morning. A really nice spot. Apparently the water was a little muddier than usual so I am thinking that when its clear it would look much like the Tumut river in NSW where I did a wedding a few months back.  Connor had lots of fun and had loads of little boy opportunities. I am hanging out for a family shoot that will be willing to 4wd it with me and head there for their pics. I just wish the idiotic people who left all of their bottles and rubbish there had the sense to clean it up when they's some cuties of my little man.....

I also got a couple ones of some flowers I bought from's amazing what you can do with a softbox and the playroom walls.....very pretty!

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